About Mackay

Olav Mackay was born 1985 in Utrecht (Netherlands), right in the middle of a creative family. Music and art have always been a present case during his early youth. Drawing all day or building something and listening to music. Playing the piano and drawing grew out to be a regular daily activity.

At age 14 the musical aspect of his character was emphasized. After taking a single drum class at one of his best friends in the old Dbase studio he began drumming. He played in bands most of the time. The genre did not really matter. Rock, funk, hip-hop, soul, hard rock, metal, disco, house and a little bit of jazz have all passed during the last 15 years of musical development.

After graduating from high school he decided to audition for the conservatory. Unfortunately his practical style of making music did not fit within the curriculum of the conservatory, so he decided to move in another way. Drawing and painting became more important since he wanted to audition for the academy of fine arts one year later. For his audition he painted nearly every day to create the right presentation and got into the Willem De Kooning academy in Rotterdam, his academy of choice. For Mackay this academy turned out to be an unexpected paradise.

The next three years consisted of making paintings and music in his own time. Eventually he integrated music and painting in his work. Rhythm and movement became elements in his way of painting.

His work ranged from making mainly large paintings of two by three meters, to a 45 minute performance in which he paints his surroundings by drumming. Eventually the idea of combining music with painting developed into also integrating video in his work. To top it all off, he used his music to tempt eleven dancers to create a painting by dancing on a canvas wrapped around a stage. July 2013 he graduated for his bachelor of fine arts.

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Mackay's work is a mix of different styles and disciplines